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Applying With an Undeclared Major

Applying With an Undeclared Major

A lot of students struggled to find the right major or the right path in which they would like to pursue for life. That is understandable, as we reach senior year and are expected to pick one certain path it can be a difficult task for some. The good thing about applying to US universities is that you have the option to apply as an undeclared major. This is only for certain universities that offer the chance for students to do so. We will explore some of the advantages and disadvantages in applying to a US university as an undeclared major.


“ Advantages “
of Applying With an Undeclared Major


Keeping Your Options Open

Majority of the schools in the US allow students to have the chance to explore and declare their major before junior year. This really gives you the chance to go around and take classes to see if this is something you’re interested in. A lot of students are uncertain about what they want to major in because classes they take in high school do not interest them. However, with more classes available for the student to take and more time to explore, students can really dive into what they did not have the chance to in high school. Students will really understand what each major is all about.

Increase Admissions Odds Due to Competitiveness of Majors

Some majors are a lot harder to get in even though you are applying to the same university. This is mainly due to the fact that some majors get more attention plus more applicants. If you are to apply to a highly competitive major within that university, the odds of getting into that school will definitely be lower because you’re fighting to be accepted with more people. Therefore, to apply as an undeclared major will absolutely help you get into that school. You should do so if that school is your dream school that you really want to attend.


Build a Stronger GPA

By going into a school without a major this allows you to take a lot of classes that are not major oriented. The classes that you are going to take will mostly be general education classes. Theseclasses are really easy to obtain an A, which allows you to build up a high GPA that will enable you to transfer and go into any major you wish within that university.

“ Disadvantages “
of Applying With an Undeclared Major

Might Add More Confusion

While taking more classes and exploring the majors that are available will definitely help youcome down to a conclusion to which major you would like to pursue, it can also add more confusion. By taking a lot of classes and ending up not having any interest in any of them, this will not lead you to decide which major you like. However, you will have a good amount of time to explore the classes and the majority of the students that are undeclared would end up declaring something at the end of their sophomore year.

College Search Can Be a Little More Harder

Searching for college usually starts with what major you’re interested in. Without a major in mind, it can be hard for counselors and yourself to look for a place that is right fit for you. Students might not end up at the best place they can because of not knowing what to major in. In addition, some students that are unsure where they would go would apply to a liberal arts college, which offers a more general education rather than a very major oriented study.

Potentially Finishing Later Than Other Students

When you’re exploring the classes, you are taking classes that will not count towards your degree because you’re going to be taking classes that are a requirement for other majors but not yours. This along with the fact that you have your own major requirement to fulfil will make you graduate a little later than your peers. This is not something to worry about as college advisors are always there to help you set up your classes and make sure you graduate. In addition, the problem with graduating later is to be paying for another year of college, which is costly.