International Institute

prides itself in providing tailor-made educational services to maximize students’ potential. We have been helping students achieve their goals and implementing strategies to most efficiently obtain these goals for over 10 years now.

Every class and consultation is carefully designed

to help students concentrate, focus and excel. Our thoroughly vetted tutoring specialists and consultants all are subject specialists or experts in their field, that are meticulously trained by our veteran.

PROMPT advisors and tutoring specialists

to ensure the students get the best possible experience. Our school works as a team, all the way from consultants, to administrative officers to tutoring specialists to make sure that the class meets each students’ demands.
We have a thorough understanding of the educational field – both locally and internationally. Not only do our tutoring specialists guide our students to reach their full potential, we ensure that students still have full autonomy over their educational path.






| Our Vision


Our Mission

Provide tailor-made tutoring services to maximise students’ potential

Provides professional advice practical information so that parents can make a sound decision on students’ future educational path and career

Provides venues for qualified tutoring specialists to realise their teaching passion value


Our Value

Student Success

we focus on student successful educational path


we help each other and work as a cohesive team


happy students, happy parents, happy teachers