Exam Preparation

It is crucial for students to acknowledge and understand that in order to apply to certain universities abroad, their school GPA is not merely enough. Other grades will also be taken into consideration.

UK : IGCSE, A Level
Thailand : SAT, GED, IGCSE, IELTS, A Levels

At PROMPT, we place great importance in preparing our students by supporting and guiding them through their journey and helping them reach their full potential and achieve their goal.

We assist in the strategic planning for our students, and create tailor-made classes

Our academic specialist and counsellors will monitor students’
academic performance

Throughout the student’s journey with us, our academic specialist and counsellors will monitor students’ academic performance and provide necessary examination milestones for students at the school (eg. mock examinations), so that the students and parents can see their progress. Other resources, for example, revision materials and past examinations papers will also be provided, free of any additional charges.

Our school works as a team

from tutoring specialists, to consultants, all the way to administrative officers to make sure that the class meets each students’ demand. We want you to achieve your goal, and we want to be there to support you every step of the way.




Applying to a university whether within Thailand or at a different country is difficult for many students. Without experience or guidance, students often struggle with their university application.

At PROMPT we have services that will allow students to achieve the highest of their goal

to maximize their potential to the fullest. We strive to help students get into the university of their dreams.

Our services cover all areas of university application, from helping with a student’s personal statement, answering questions that students may have about admission and application, and setting foundations for years to come at their new homes. Our students are now studying all over the world at renowned universities with help from our team at Prompt.


Personal Statement


One of the requirements for every university is writing a personal statement for the application. A lot of students have a hard time coming up with topics or understanding which direction they should take for their personal statement. With only one essay to tell admission officers who they are, it is definitely a challenge.

At PROMPT we are equipped with a team that are here to guide and show how to write a personal statement.

We understand that having good grades is not enough for applying to a university and we are ready to help with personal statements for any country.