About us


" PROMPT is a top of mind International Tutoring Institute "


• Provides tailor-made tutoring services to maximize students’ potential
• Provides professional advices and practical information so that parents can make sound decision on students’ future educational path and career
• Provides venues for qualified Tutoring Specialists to realize their teaching passion


• Student Success : We focus on student successful educational path
• Teamwork : We help each other out and work as a cohesive team
• Service Mind : We provide excellence services and always happy to see     happy students and parents


PROMPT International Institute offers extra academic classes for students of The UK, IB and The US curriculum in International schools in Thailand and overseas. We are specialised in one-on-one teaching for students from year 9-13 (aged 15-18 approx.), providing intensive training to ready them for KS3, IGCSE, A-Level and IB examinations. Our class typically begins after school hours on weekday and from the morning on weekends. Overseas students are welcome to join our professional classes during school break and via our online virtual classroom.

Our core principles include academic excellence, respect for student’s autonomy and innovative approach. Our teachers raise our students to be able to endure tough challenges and ace them, with detailed and elaborate explanation and tonnes of quizzes and examinations. Yet our students maintain their own independence in choosing the subjects they wish to learn and the future career they wish to pursue. Also, PROMPT strive to be the leader of innovative learning, paving way for online classroom and virtual video-recorded lessons for extra revision.