our tutoring specialists

Graduated with corresponding degrees

From Mathematics to Art and Design, our school admits only those who hold the precisely corresponding university bachelor degrees to the subject taught, which guarantees that our students are left under the right hand. Plus, most of our part-time teachers work in related fields and can regularly come up with exciting relevant stories to enliven the class.

Passed qualified exam and training

Our meticulous and tough examination process filters out over 90% of teacher candidates until we are left with the best of the best. After weeks of paper test and mock teaching, our candidates schedule detailed curriculum training and a series of teaching workshops from our veteran PROMPT teachers and advisors. Only after PROMPT has polished our candidates to perfection would they be qualified as our teachers.

Knows international students

Aware that international school students come in all shapes and forms, our teachers are ready to model and re-model their teaching styles to inspire those who are struggling with the class or to harness those whose curiosity, creativity and thirst for knowledge require an extra input. Also, our school works as team, thus understanding of each student’s nature and challenges is passed on from one teacher to all others responsible. This is to ensure our class meets each student’s demand on day one!

our tutoring specialists